Perspective on success

Success to me is not so much the reward but the highs and lows we travel getting there. Very much like a game of snakes and ladders. It is often something that is fought hard for. And the harder the battle, the sweeter the success.

When I started thinking about this brief, I not only wanted to represent success this way but also as a journey. I admire anyone who's fought for what they want. Alot of my favourite artists and musicians have struggled for years and years to achieve what they have. Whether it be a short period or someones life long journey, success is arriving at the end - battered, beaten and bruised knowing you have tried your hardest. It's climbing up the golden ladders and just as quickly sliding back to where you started until you've reached a point you're happy with. It can be a constant stuggle that sometimes seem out of reach. Although the little guy looks like he's about to fall into the perilous snake pit. Rest assured he lands on his two feet!

At the end of the show viewers were asked to chose the artwork that moves them the most. You can read some of the comments below.


Client: The Drawing Book Studios
Format: A2 Print
Date: 2011